About Us

2021 kicks off a year of new beginnings. It was a tough one last year for so many, myself included. For those who know me, and for those who don’t, I’m admitting that I didn’t handle the year so well. For me, I was young and healthy, or so I thought. Then, at the end of February, I had a stroke. This, right at the beginning of Covid-19, was a real struggle. I was weak, both mentally and physically. I wasn’t fully capable of doing anything. I couldn’t even sign my own name.
At this point, I didn’t know if there was going to be long term effects or not. I also couldn’t drive for a minimum of 4 weeks, and then ended up in a very hard, long lockdown. It took 12 weeks to start feeling some normality and strength returning, and then another 12 weeks to say ‘I’m back to normal’.
I am very grateful to be fully recovered and am definitely one of the lucky ones. I spent a lot of time working on regaining my strength. Health and fitness has always been a huge part of my life, and it helped me to recover very quickly. It was a wake up call for me.

During my recovery I devised a plan to start a business doing something I love. I no longer wanted to just ‘work’. I live in activewear and have a passion for fashion and beauty, so it made perfect sense for me to start my own Activewear clothing range. I mentioned it to a few family and friends, who were all in 100% agreeance that I HAVE to do this, and so Kylie Active was born. This is my perfect match. It has taken months to organise and set up, and then patiently waiting for the new year to launch as nothing good came of 2020. I would like to invite you all to like my KylieActive Facebook and kylie_active Instagram page for regular product updates, Vlogs and reviews.
For now, I only have a women’s range but will add men’s as soon possible. I have a great variety to get this started, and will be adding more and more all the time.
My range varies, from home, casual and comfy clothes to firm, high support, tummy sucking, butt lifting compression clothes, great quality, all at very reasonable prices.

All sign ups to my website automatically gets 20% off their first order. I will not e-mail spam you, so feel comfortable when signing up. I will not hassle you. I hope you love my range as much as I do. My new life motto is LIVE LONG, TRAIN HARD, LOVE LIFE, IN STYLE.